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Sydney Darling Harbour Waterfront|Destination-sydney-reimagined


January 03, 2019 - March 17, 2019 Location - Three Sydney Public Galleries

Destination Sydney: Re-imagined is the second exhibition where three Sydney public galleries are collaborating .

These are:

  1. Manly Art Gallery & Museum
  2. Mosman Art Gallery
  3. S.H.Ervin Gallery

It follows in the footsteps of the jointly presented and highly successful collaborative exhibition project.

Destination Sydney was all about to showcase artworks as per the theme of Sydney as a stopping place for creative attempts.

Destination Sydney: Re-imagined back to the subject of Sydney as a source of innovation for so many artists and creators , who have been drawn to its unequalled landscapes. This event will present the work of nine major Australian artists . Their contributions have became synonymous with the landscape of Sydney.

Featured artists include Ethel Carrick Fox, Adrian Feint & Ken Done (Manly Art Gallery & Museum), Roy de Maistre, Robert Klippel & Michael Johnson (Mosman Art Gallery) Jeffrey Smart, Nicholas Harding & Wendy Sharpe (S.H. Ervin Gallery).

Color catalog are also available in Destination Sydney: re-imagined.